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HFM Workspace page - Slowness

Arvind Moorthy
Arvind Moorthy Member Posts: 68 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 26, 2019 5:26AM in Financial Consolidation

Hi Gurus,

We are using EPM version and are suddenly facing a peculiar problem.

It takes 5 to 6 minutes to load the HFM Workspace page via the Load balancer urls and individual server urls as below.


https://<Foundationserver1>:19000/workspace/index.jsp ( and similarly for the 3 other Foundation servers).

Once the page is loaded, it takes the same amount of time to authenticate users and login ( we use OID as external directory).

Post this navigation etc is ok.

The thing peculiar is the page gets loaded fast when we use the Foundation weblogic port url i.e.

https://<Foundationserver1>:28080/workspace/index.jsp ( and similarly for the 3 other Foundation servers).

We have checked OHS logs, Network between Foundation and Web servers. Did Windows server performance, Server Reboots, Service restarts. Could not fix this.

We have 4 foundation servers ( 1 Weblogic admin and 3 managed). OHS runs on the same servers.

Kindly help in directing us to a fix.