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LIFETIME Members....

edited May 24, 2020 7:52AM in Dyn Community

I was one of the Early Investors or who purchased a lifetime membership to DYN DNS .oRG
When I logged on I am presented with a VIP badge, plus next to my domain, under Expiry day it always Said "NEVER"
Recently I logged on, and saw that my Expiry is now 31 May 2020,
Which means Oracle is not honouring its DYNDNS commitment of lifetime members,

at first I thought this was an administrative error.... so I emailed the support desk and this is their reply,(see below)
If anyone is willing or has started a class action law suit I'd be willing to join,

I've had NO communication from Oracle, and it looks like they are trying to sweep this under the carpet,
Why do huge companies do this... very clearly this should not be allowed... I'm so VERY angry

AND it looks like they will remove the dynamic updates (not 100% sure) and that's probably why they have increased their fees so much (to chase people away)

I'm not on social media at all, but whoever is reading this please could you make a remark on social media,


### Do Not Place Your Reply Below This Line ###


We truly appreciate all the support we received from our early donators, however we are regrettably unable to continue lifetime DNS service as we are discontinuing our Dyn DNS products.  While your service(s) will not carry over to OCI at no cost, you may be surprised by the affordability of OCI DNS which offers unlimited zones starting at only $0.85 per 1M queries for basic DNS.  We hope that you will check it out and consider staying with us.  If you are interested in moving to a new provider, we thank you for the years we shared, and hope that this article on the 10 best free DNS providers will help you:

Prior to May 31, 2020, you will need to migrate your DNS services.  Oracle values your business, and we hope that you will consider our OCI DNS product for its affordability and expanded services.  Below you will find links to our help guides on how to migrate your DNS zones into OCI.  OCI DNS starts at $0.85 per 1M queries with no additional charge per zone. You will never be charged for overages, in OCI DNS you pay only for what you use. 

If you're a Dyn Standard DNS customer, follow the steps documented

Please note that the use of DDNS hostnames is not currently supported at this time. Security is the primary reason for not allowing DDNS Update Clients to connect to the OCI Infrastructure.  If you currently use a device configured specifically for our services, you can continue to use our Remote Access product to keep your hostname updated.  If you are using your own domain and a Dyn configured system, you can opt to use a CNAME in your DNS to point to a Remote Access hostname.  In this respect, your hostname will continue to resolve to the expected IP value.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.




Ryan Warrick

Senior Technical Support Representative



  • RotBlitz
    RotBlitz Member Posts: 149 Red Ribbon
    edited May 24, 2020 7:47AM

    Now you know how long lifetime really is.  Too bad if you survive this time frame.  Also, never ever trust someone who guarantees something for lifetime. This is pure crap unless you die early enough.

    On the other hand and more likely: it may well be that the lifetime of the service is meant, not the lifetime of the users.  In this case: the Standard DNS service (earlier also called Custom DNS service) is going to die within the next nine months.  Time to say good-bye and to look for a replacement.

    UPDATE:  End of service has been changed to May 31, 2022.

  • User_OWFKE
    User_OWFKE Member Posts: 9 Red Ribbon
    edited Oct 20, 2019 7:02AM


    I'm also a lifetime donor.

    My DynDNS Pro expiration date still says never.

  • 30141ae2-0c86-4ed5-9b1c-35e78fb5a776
    edited Oct 24, 2019 4:56PM

    What he is saying is "we dont give a $hit".

    They are not answering tickets, they disabled the shone support number to go to VM that they don't check. They have clearly shown they will dismantle and wreck what Dyn built over many years.

    Anyone who stays with these morons toast.

  • eb6b1d95-75e7-485d-8e8e-c31037255698
    edited Nov 24, 2019 5:06AM

    I am transferring out now   - After 16 years...

  • 66419b87-4043-4a66-a76a-91baa8b3f2f8
    edited Dec 8, 2019 3:01PM

    So Oracle bought Dyn DNS to eliminate all their services. I wonder how many of us lifetime members there are. It's been so long since I originally donated to them to buy some new hardware I don't remember how long it's been and I'd have to boot OS/2 to read the emails, and I haven't done that in probably 10 years now.

  • 4149255
    4149255 Member Posts: 3
    edited Dec 9, 2019 11:46AM

    First of all, let me tell you WHY I wouldn't even want to stay with Dyn Oracle or whever they call themselves now, even if it was "free" for a lifetime: to the

    -Cruise on over to the main forums and look at all the people like me that have domains stuck in locked or screwed up mode that can't transfer or manage them, and support never answers the phone or emails.

    -I've been trying to transfer the last of many domains away for almost 3 months and it still shows "Unlocked" and "Transfer prohibited" at the same time. Left almost a dozen emails and phone messages for support and still NO REPLY

    In fairness, I was one of the original Dyndns customers and I LOVED the great service and offerings, but it appears that once Oracle too over, they simply gutted the support part. I had multiple clients on this and have had to scramble to move them all away before they ended up with another registrar.


  • user13107119
    user13107119 Member Posts: 1
    edited Feb 16, 2020 1:26PM

    My dashboard says my "Remote Access/DynDNS Pro" will never expire, but the Standard DNS services all say May 30, 2020 (not May 31, like other people have said).

    I can move all my Standard DNS to Cloudflare, but it is a pain.

    I am not sure what could happen with a lawsuit since I don't have anything in writing that explains the perpetual service. I got service by donating to a different service that was purchased by Dyn even longer ago.

  • Trader08
    Trader08 Member Posts: 3
    edited May 22, 2020 1:45AM

    I'm a VIP member too. I guess I'll need to make a dynamic DNS on my dedicated server using a subdomain. But anyway, we didn't seem to receive an e-mail about being VIP. I somewhat remember seeing a notice on their site talking about it. Here's the oldest e-mail I got from them (my e-mails go back to March 1st 2001 where I suffered a HDD crash, so maybe it was before that). I do remember starting to donate right when I got the first "asking for donations" e-mail. But we got the VIP status when they went "release" iirc.

    Dated March 30 2001

    Subject: MyDynDNS Custom DNS Now Available, and More!!


    Welcome to the March 2001 Dynamic DNS Network Services All-Users Update.

    This is a periodic mailing to inform users of's services about

    what's going on with us. There are instructions at the end of this e-mail

    for removing your account, which will remove you from this list

    permanently. Our schedule for this update is as follows:

    1. MyDynDNS Custom DNS Now In Beta!

    2. Upgrade Proposal Update

    3. Client Problems (Dynamic and Static DNS)

    Less items than usual, but more about each!   Welcome to all our new

    users since the last all-users posting, and here we go!

    MyDynDNS Custom DNS Now In Beta!


    As many of you who signed up for the beta list or read the news page

    already know, the much-anticipated MyDynDNS Custom DNS service has finally

    been released into beta testing! We're very excited about this service,

    which allows you to take advantage of our dynamic and static DNS services,

    as well as WebHop services (soon to be more tightly integrated), with your

    own domain name, rather than those which we provide. The service provides

    full DNS hosting for your domain (no outside DNS servers necessary) and,

    once we move forward with our upgrade proposal (see below),

    geographically- and network-redundant nameservers.

    This service, as with all services under the MyDynDNS name (currently

    Custom DNS and Secondary DNS) operates on a required donation basis; for

    each domain which you would like to use under the Custom DNS service, you

    must have donated at least $30. This amount doesn't have to be renewed on

    any time interval, and gains you access to all other donator-only features

    as always. See for more information on


    If you are interested in participating in this beta test (which we feel

    is, at this point, nearly as stable as the full release will be), please

    subscribe to the domain-beta mailing list (a closed list for announcements

    only) by sending mail to [email protected] with

    "subscribe" in your message subject. You will receive an auto-confirm

    message which includes instructions for using the service, and more

    details about support contacts during the beta period. We strongly

    encourage those of you who have previously used the CNAME kludge listed in

    the FAQ to consider this new service.

    Upgrade Proposal Update


    The response to our upgrade proposal was quite good, though not quite as

    much as we might have hoped. See the proposal at if you're not entirely sure what

    we're talking about. As of this writing, we've received just over $12,500

    towards our final goal of $25,000; that's the halfway point, and we

    greatly appreciate your help in getting there!

    Much of the hardware needed for the plan to go forward has been purchased,

    and is nearing the point where it is ready to go. We do expect to go

    forward on the plan, and we have selected AboveNet (

    to be our new colocation provider. We are hoping to move into their

    Boston facility in mid-May.

    As noted recently on our status page, bandwidth usage has been going

    through the roof recently. This is one of the main motivations for

    changes planned in the upgrade proposal; we will be moving from a

    situation where we pay for every byte in and out of our servers to a

    situation where we simply pay for the average rate of data travelling in

    and out of our servers, and it comes out to be far more efficient. Please

    help us to reach our goal by donating; see for more information on how you can

    contribute, and see the proposal at the URL above for more information on

    what we'll be doing, in the near-term, with that money.

    Client Problems


    There are a couple of problems with client use that we've seen in rising

    trends recently, and we'd like to try to nip them in the bud if at all


    First of all, it is VERY important to ALWAYS input your full hostname into

    any client application you use to update. "myhost" is not your hostname.

    "" or "" or something else of that

    nature is your hostname. The system can't read your mind and guess what

    you mean, and your updates will not go through; they'll only waste server

    resources that could be put to better use with legitimate updates.

    Second, it is very important to realize that most of the clients we have

    listed do not support updates in the static DNS system. Please do not,

    under any circumstances, set up a client which does not explicitly support

    the static DNS system to update a host which is in the static DNS system.

    Again, it will not work, and will only waste resources.

    Lastly, anyone using web IP detection that still points to should change it to use . We are making this change to allow us to

    better track and streamline the checkip usage we're seeing, and your

    assistance is appreciated.



    We'll keep this section short this month. Our service is almost entirely

    supported by your donations. We don't believe that these are services

    that should have fees associated with them, but we have to pay the bills

    somehow. We're almost up to 3% of our userbase having donated; help make

    that 3%, and much beyond it, a reality. Visit for what we feel are some shocking

    figures on the effect a donation as small as $10 can make. And feel free

    to donate more than that, as well!   Please be sure to provide us with

    your username, either in the comments field provided by the vendor you're

    donating through, or in a separate e-mail to [email protected], so that

    we are able to credit your donation.

    Thank you all for your continuing support and generosity. The future is

    looking bright, but we need you to help us keep things on track. Have a

    good April!


    The Staff of Dynamic DNS Network Services


    | This mail is being sent out to users registered for services |

    | from Dynamic DNS Network Services ( It is |

    | in no way unsolicited. If you have ceased your use of our |

    | services and would like to remove your account, visit |

    | , read the information |

    | there, and submit the form to remove your account and all |

    | registered hostnames. This list is for system announcements |

    | only, and is not open to the public. We do not sell our |

    | lists to anyone. |


  • Trader08
    Trader08 Member Posts: 3
    edited May 22, 2020 1:39AM

    Follow up e-mail, for the curious ones / historical purposes

    Dated May 9 2001

    Subject: Important Upgrades Coming Soon!


    Welcome to the May 2001 Dynamic DNS Network Services All-Users Update.

    These all-users mailings are sent out to our userbase periodically to keep

    them up-to-date on our systems and services. Instructions for removing

    your account, which will remove you from these mailings, can be found at

    the end of this e-mail. This update's schedule is as follows:

    1. Important Upgrade Information

    2. MyDynDNS Custom DNS Beta Update

    3. Important check_ip URL Changes

    Welcome to all new users since our last posting - almost a hundred

    thousand of you in total! Now, for the update.

    Important Upgrade Information


    Thanks to your generosity, we are now moving forward with our recently

    posted upgrade proposal (see We

    have chosen Exodus Communications, Inc. ( as our

    colocation provider, and have a May 15th installation date scheduled.

    There will be some outages, hopefully none longer than 15 minutes, during

    the week following May 15th, as we migrate systems. Updates will be

    posted on the status page as they are available, but this is advance

    notice of these potential, semi-random, outages.

    We will be posting a detailed description of the hardware and connectivity

    choices we've made at some point in the next week or two. We'll also

    probably post another all-users update with some status information once

    things have stabilized in the new facility. We think this move is going

    to be a great improvement and change for Dynamic DNS Network Services, and

    we're all very excited about it!

    MyDynDNS Custom DNS Beta Update


    Beta testing of the MyDynDNS Custom DNS service continues - we've squashed

    most of the bugs in the system, and we're very happy with how it's been

    working out. As a recap, MyDynDNS Custom DNS is our newest premium

    service which provides full DNS hosting for a domain which you provide.

    This service is available for a minimum donation of $30 for each domain

    you wish to use - that is, 3 domains would be a minimum donation of $90.

    Please note that this amount is a one-time requirement; you won't be

    rebilled, or required to donate more for the same domains in the future.

    If you are interested in participating in the beta test, please e-mail

    [email protected] with "subscribe" in your message

    subject; the list management software will automatically send you

    information about using the service. We plan to bring MyDynDNS Custom DNS

    out of beta as soon as we are able to finish documentation for it,

    hopefully in the next month.

    There are currently 422 Custom DNS zones registered in the system, and 343

    of those have been properly delegated and activated. There are 836 A

    records, 425 CNAME records, and 182 MX records registered within those

    zones. If you don't understand what those mean, don't worry - but use the

    Basic interface if you sign up for the service!

    Important check_ip URL Changes


    We've moved the check_ip CGI used for web-based IP detection, as mentioned

    in earlier postings. PLEASE change your settings, clients, scripts, etc

    to use to detect their IP address instead of . If you use something other

    than one of those two URLs, you can continue using them, this change only

    applies if you are using our old check_ip URL. We are separating it from

    the main web server for monitoring and bandwidth reasons. Thanks for your




    And now, the ever-present donations blurb   As you've probably guessed,

    things are going pretty well - we budgeted a year of bandwidth before

    committing to the upgrade plan. However, we do rely on your continuing

    donations to pay the bills in the future. Hardware won't last forever,

    and as we continue to grow, costs will inevitably go up. All donations go

    to upkeep of the service - staff members are all unpaid

    volunteers. Your support is vital. If you value the service, head over

    to and show your support today. Just

    $10 can make a big difference to our bottom line. Thanks to everyone who

    has donated so far, and all who will donate in the future - you're the

    ones who make it possible!

    Our growth has really been incredible recently. We can't thank all of you

    enough for the help you've given us to get where we are today. We look

    forward to serving all of you long into the future. Thanks!


    The Staff of Dynamic DNS Network Services


    | This mail is being sent out to users registered for services |

    | from Dynamic DNS Network Services ( It is |

    | in no way unsolicited. If you have ceased your use of our |

    | services and would like to remove your account, visit |

    | , read the information |

    | there, and submit the form to remove your account and all |

    | registered hostnames. This list is for system announcements |

    | only, and is not open to the public. We do not sell our |

    | lists to anyone. |


  • Trader08
    Trader08 Member Posts: 3
    edited May 22, 2020 2:56AM

    I can't believe companies dare to buy another one to then not respect original promises. They bought knowing those promises exist... I mean, CEO could have his wife start a second company to buy his and get rid of the promises like lifetime subs! In the end, we aren't VIP with a lifetime sub for nothing. If not for us, dyndns might not have been what it is now and Oracle might not have had the chance to buy them and make money out of it. But we're just seen as leechers