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FDMEE Data load- File Character Set Error (PBCS)

user11203834 Member Posts: 155 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 9, 2019 9:33AM in Financial Data Management


I am trying to push data from one PBCS Application to Another. I get below error while import. It looks like the issue is with the file character set.

In the application, the member name is like "Estimé" but on the error log it is displayed as  "Estimé"

I used the file character set as UTF-8 in System, Application and User Settings.

1. Can anyone tell me how to get the data with the original character  "é"

2. Please guide me how i can download the .dat file created by FDMEE in PBCS.

2019-09-08 11:39:36,997 INFO  [AIF]: Uploading data file to PBCS: /u03/inbox/outbox/CASH_115.dat

I tried below but couldn't succeed


No file generated in the process detail as well


2019-09-08 11:39:37,822 DEBUG [AIF]: We need to connect to Essbase server.

2019-09-08 11:39:37,911 DEBUG [AIF]: Overrode info.dataFileFullName to: /u03/inbox/data/CASH_162.op.dat

2019-09-08 11:39:37,988 DEBUG [AIF]: Obtained connection to essbase cube: BUDXX

2019-09-08 11:39:37,989 DEBUG [AIF]: Resolved essbase rule file name for loading: AIFH0006

2019-09-08 11:39:37,991 DEBUG [AIF]: Fetching rule file from essbase server for data loading: AIFH0006

2019-09-08 11:39:37,999 INFO  [AIF]: Starting executeDataRuleFile...

2019-09-08 11:39:38,004 DEBUG [AIF]: Locked rule file: AIFH0006

2019-09-08 11:39:38,008 INFO  [AIF]: Loading data into cube using data file...

2019-09-08 11:39:38,022 INFO  [AIF]: Load data encountered the following errors:

| Error: 3303 | Estimé | "414400","D_INIT","VC","V_INIT","Estimé","FY19","M01",567767148 |

| Error: 3303 | Estimé | "414661","D_INIT","VC","V_INIT","Estimé","FY19","M01",26865232 |

| Error: 3303 | Estimé | "413310","D_INIT","VC","V_INIT","Estimé","FY19","M01",3975494212 |

| Error: 3303 | Estimé | "416130","D_INIT","VC","V_INIT","Estimé","FY19","M01",123333332 |

2019-09-08 11:39:38,022 INFO  [AIF]: Load data failed.

2019-09-08 11:39:38,030 DEBUG [AIF]: Unlocked rule file: AIFH0006

2019-09-08 11:39:38,030 ERROR [AIF]: Load data failed.

2019-09-08 11:39:38,037 INFO  [AIF]: EssbaseService.loadData - END (false)

2019-09-08 11:39:38,037 ERROR [AIF]: false

--------------------------------------------------------- END: Process Log From the Rest Job ---------------------------------------------------------

2019-09-08 11:39:52,958 ERROR [AIF]: The rest service job has failed, see details above.

2019-09-08 11:39:52,961 INFO  [AIF]: EssbaseService.loadData - END (false)

2019-09-08 11:39:52,969 DEBUG [AIF]: AIFUtil.callOdiServlet - END

2019-09-08 11:39:52,969 FATAL [AIF]: Error in CommData.loadData

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "<string>", line 4025, in loadData

RuntimeError: false


  • JohnGoodwin
    JohnGoodwin Member Posts: 30,471 Blue Diamond
    edited Sep 9, 2019 9:33AM

    Once the file has been uploaded it will be moved, this will be the reason why you can't download the file.

    If you turn the log level up to 5 you will see an entry for the log being moved, there will something like:

    DEBUG [AIF]: Moved uploaded data file to: /u03/inbox/data/<app>_<process_id>.op.dat

    You should be able to download from the target instance the *.op.dat file, you can also use "epmautomate listfiles" to output a list of files.

    Then you can check if the dat file that has been created has the correct encoding.

    It might be related to the encoding of the file that is produced, if so maybe raise with Oracle.