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OSB diagnostic platform 11g

Good afternoon experts. He is my request.

The client is asking me to make a diagnostic document with recommendations to the infra department and development if apply to make changes of a osb 11g production platform that have been stable for more than 3 years, this with the goal of tuning the platform for high transactional season period.

I would prefer not to recommend any change unless the platform crashes or break down, but I need to justify my work and do the file so my the things that I need are.

1. List of question that I need to make to the client.

2. List of access that I need to have. of the environment.

3. Can I access the metrics  or logs of the platform of the last 2 high transactional demand season years ago (I am talking about the 2 last December).

Note: I am a really good experience consultant developer but this is most an infra related question or it involves infra a little bit more.

So I have a lot of knowledge of the platform but I need a little bit of a guide to verify that I am not missing anything.

Thanks in advance.  Any good answer will have mi thumbs up!  and the best one will have the correct answer award!