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Certification for Discoverer and Oracle DB 12.1

User_APF61 Member Posts: 1 Blue Ribbon
edited Sep 16, 2019 7:43AM in Discoverer


Is Discoverer Certified to run with/against Oracle 12.1 Databases?

The Certification Matrix only lists as a certified version with 12.1 Databases. There is no DB  version listed for Oracle Discoverer


Paul McManus


  • sbeck-Oracle
    sbeck-Oracle Member Posts: 116 Employee
    edited Sep 16, 2019 7:43AM

    Hello Paul,

    The trick to reading the Certification matrix is the Version Supported column will identify the "lowest" version of the product and for Discoverer the Install Type of must be "ALL". 

    For example, take a look at the certification matrix, the "FMW on WLS - DB" tab.  The third row has Install type of ALL, naming the version as  The plus sign means any version higher in that digit, meaning Fusion Middleware (FMw),, etc..  It is important to always read the "Exceptions and Additional Information" column as well as the foot note for the * in DB version column. 

    You will see for this row it clearly states you must be at WebLogic Server (WLS) 10.3.6 and FMw to use a database.  This column also shows the 12.2 DB requires FMw  Discoverer is not a part of that release.

    To directly address your question, No version is not certified for any 12c database.  Version is certified for Database versions:




    Please review the matrix footnotes for added information / restrictions.

    Best Regards,

    --- Important Information

    Premier support for Discoverer 11g ended June 2014.  Version is the final / terminal release of the Discoverer product.  Discoverer is under sustaining support, which limits our ability to assist you.  Please review the alert section at the bottom of this update.

    Discoverer is at end of life.  Any software update (OS, browser, Java, WLS, EBS, etc.) released after June 2014 has not specifically been certified or tested and may cause issues for Discoverer.  Therefore, it is important to maintain a stable Discoverer environment for as long as it takes to move to OBIEE or other replacement.

    --- Notes of interest

    Note 1634827.1 - Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Statement of Direction - March 2014

    Note 233047.1  - How To Find Oracle BI Discoverer 10g and 11g Certification Information

    Note 237607.1 - ALERT: Required and Recommended Patch Levels For All Discoverer Versions

    Note 2129633.1 - Upgrade of Software That Impacts Discoverer Environment