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Data management cloud - Pulling HCM Employee metadata

3047423 Member Posts: 151
edited Sep 23, 2019 11:47AM in Financial Data Management

Hi Folks,

Am going through oracle document and trying to pull Employee metadata out of HCM using data management cloud, but it's always giving warnings with error,

Source app: EPBCS Employee Metadata_1902

Target app : custom application to export the data into a file

error is invalid period mappings in the file - i have ran data load rule for period of Aug-19 (tried with global period mapping and target application period mapping as well )


log file i can see employee metadata but output file has no data,

Details and Error:

Target app:


Import format:


Process details:


2019-09-21 13:45:24,651 INFO  [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274:Message - Initialize error maps

2019-09-21 13:45:24,651 INFO  [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274:Message - File Name EPBCS Employee Metadata_1902_928.dat


2019-09-21 13:45:24,698 INFO  [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274:Message -  PROCESS ID: 928




SOURCE FILE: EPBCS Employee Metadata_1902_928.dat



BLANK............. Line is blank or empty.

NN................ Non-Numeric, Amount field contains non numeric characters.

TC................ Type Conversion, Amount field could not be converted to a number.

ZP................ Zero Suppress, Amount field contains a 0 value and zero suppress is ON.

SKIP FIELD.............. SKIP field value was found

NULL ACCOUNT VALUE.............. Account Field is null

SKIP FROM SCRIPT.............. Skipped through Script

HEADER ROW.............. Header Row

ERROR_INVALID_PERIOD.............. Invalid period specified in the file.

EPBCS Employee Metadata_1902


  • 3047423
    3047423 Member Posts: 151
    edited Sep 21, 2019 10:29AM

    Further logs,

    2019-09-21 14:25:02,693 INFO  [AIF]: EPMFDM-140274:Message - Rows Loaded: 0

    Rows Rejected: 16347

  • WPaffhausen
    WPaffhausen Member Posts: 412
    edited Sep 23, 2019 11:47AM

    Hello 3047423,

    The lines you have highlighted from your logs are quite common to be produced.  The last line "ERROR_INVALID_PERIOD.............. Invalid period specified in the file." is a key/description line.  It isn't an actual error.

    The good thing is your process did produce 16347 rows; but as noted they were all rejected. 

    My suggestion would be to change the log level to 5 (DEBUG) and rerun the process.  This will produce detailed logging and even log out the reason why the rows were rejected.  You can then most likely tackle the reason from there.  If you need help please post the details of the reason the rows were rejected.

    Please make sure to MASK/HIDE any private information!  The reason for the rows kicking out is going to be JUST BELOW the processing codes you pasted above.

    Thank you,