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FDMEE: Intersection Validation against HFM failed, error

DK_HFM Member Posts: 14
edited Nov 1, 2019 1:28PM in Financial Data Management

HI Experts ,

i am facing an issue i nthe FDMEE.

i have configured FDMEE integrated with HFM local application.

assigned dimension according to HFM Custome dimesnions, rest other dimensions i have made as lookup.

now when i use the file to IMPORT and Validate, it fails in Validate step and "Check Intersection validation report " not p[oping up.

without validation, data validate against maps and passes through.

please let me know your suggestions.



  • WPaffhausen
    WPaffhausen Member Posts: 412
    edited Nov 1, 2019 9:43AM

    Hello DK_HFM,

    To be clear, the Intersection Validation Report is not displaying?  What browser are you using? 

    Did you review the Process Details log and ensure it is being rendered?  It could be a browser issue not a software issue.

    Also it would help to know what version of FDMEE you are using.

    Thank you,


  • DK_HFM
    DK_HFM Member Posts: 14
    edited Nov 1, 2019 10:02AM

    Hi Wayne, thanks for jumping in

    i am using the Internet explorer version:- 11.1069.17134

    FDMEE version:-

    do i have to refresh the members or refresh metadata and check for the integration?

    please suggeest me the steps

  • user6692921
    user6692921 Member Posts: 179 Silver Badge
    edited Nov 1, 2019 1:14PM

    You don't need to refresh the metadata or members. The Intersection Validation report just works. You need to have the correct HFM permissions so make sure you are running as an HFM admin to remove that possibility. Check the process log and search for validate.xml. FDMEE should create an XML file which is then converted to PDF as the output. Does this validate xml file exist and does it have any data in it?

  • WPaffhausen
    WPaffhausen Member Posts: 412
    edited Nov 1, 2019 1:28PM

    As mentioned, does the Check Intersections run?  It should be noted in the process details log.  Can you let us know what the process details log mentions?