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Error when selecting datasource when trying to connect to HFM11.1.2.4


I'm trying to connect to HFM using OBIEE I have followed all the steps set out in Doc ID 2158975.1.

However, when trying to connect using Hyperion ADM, I get the following error:

[2019-11-11T14:21:46.801+02:00] [OBIS] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 171c0]  [nQSError: 60001] Connection failed for: RemoteService-JavaHost-ADMImportService with message: [nQSError: 77027] Invalid RPC negotiation response received. [[
file: server\Utility\JavaIntegration\Src\SUJIRemoteService.cpp; line: 158
Error Codes: SJY3ZH79
occurs inside SAW RPC modules when calling ADMImportService..
[2019-11-11T14:21:46.816+02:00] [OBIS] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 171c0] Could not connect to the data source. A more detailed error message has been written to the BI Administrator log file.

Does anyone now what this means or how to fix it?