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ODI Load Plan does not complete

Arnab P
Arnab P Member Posts: 40
edited Dec 3, 2019 5:17AM in Data Integrator


I am facing a peculiar problem off late. I have a load plan which calls two scenarios one after the other. The first scenario runs for around 30 mins. The second scenario runs for around 1.5 to 2 hours. These scenarios call Oracle Database jobs & packages and does its work.

When I execute the load plan it often happens (now with consistency) that the first scenario executes, gets completed, the second scenario is triggered, it executes, the packages stop executing but ODI load plan never finishes.

When I check the database I see all the steps of the second scenario is completed, no queries or steps are running at the database end.

Ideally ODI load plan should finish with a green tick but it keeps showing that it is still in execution where in reality nothing is executing in the database. I need to open the load plan execution and click Stop Normal or Stop Immediate to stop the execution with errors which is a very ugly way of stopping a process which originally should have shown completed without any errors on its own.

My question is :- Why is this so? Is it a problem that ODI Agent is not table to track the steps to closure after a certain length of time or is it some kind of connectivity lost issue which can possibly be corrected by specifying any parameter at the ODI or the DB end?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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