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Coherence MemberLeft

KDuser Member Posts: 1
edited Nov 15, 2019 4:51PM in Coherence Support

Noticing an error in the current production environment which  has close 100+ members below error occurs often , eventually client is not able to get connection

019-11-12 09:49:56.915/2686471.024 Oracle Coherence GE <D5> (thread=Cluster, member=148): MemberLeft notification for Member(Id=7, Timestamp=2019-10-21 05:40:39.216, Address=XXXXX:8100, MachineId=52063, Location=site:,machine:XXXX:69437,member:proxy-nod

-12-5, Role=proxy) received from Member(Id=11, Timestamp=2019-10-12 07:33:45.36, Address=XXXX:8088, MachineId=30422, Location=site:,machine:XXXXX,process:130713,member:proxy-node-2-3, Role=proxy) could not establish a connection to one of the following addresses: [XXXX:19099, XXXXX:19099, XXX:19099]; make sure the "remote-addresses" configuration element contains an address and port of a running TcpAcceptor

Member looses the connetion , somewhat client is still getting the lost member to make connection result in connection exception.

1) Why member  leaves cluster often

2) why client gets stale member list to make connection results in Connection Exception.

Using coherence version -



  • Randy Stafford-Oracle
    Randy Stafford-Oracle Member Posts: 21
    edited Nov 15, 2019 4:51PM

    Member 7 was a proxy node and left the cluster.

    The ConnectionException is from a client that can't find a running proxy server to connect to in its configured list of proxy servers - so none of them are running apparently (e.g. maybe the all left the cluster).

    Why proxy servers are leaving the cluster is what you need to diagnose.  Are they running out of memory?  Do you have GC logging turned on?  Do you have JMX Reporter turned on?  You need monitoring information to analyze causes of behavior like this.

    Have you created a Service Request with Oracle Support?