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Upload Virtual Appliance to Repository on OVM

When I tried to upload virtual appliance package.ova to repository  on OVM job was failed and i got next message :

OVMAPI_6000E Internal Error: OVMAPI_5001E Job: 1573803612667/Import Virtual Appliance to Repository: MFS_PROD. URL: Virtual Appliance to Repository: MFS_PROD. URL:, failed. Job Failure Event: 1573817455099/Server Async Command Failed/OVMEVT_00C014D_001 Async command failed on server: OVS10. Object: package.ova (3), PID: 3919, Server error: Check file 0004fb00001200006a67a9a402371893.vmdk digest failed. , on server: OVS10, associated with object: 11ea73cf74 [Fri Nov 15 12:30:55 CET 2019]

First I got the message for the sever OVS1, then I exclude it from the Server pool and now I got a same message for server OVS10