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Data Management - PBCS - Expression Issue

User_XUC2I Member Posts: 45 Green Ribbon
edited Nov 19, 2019 9:04AM in Financial Data Management

Hi experts,

This is for a dimension build using Data Management in PBCS not a data load.

We are concatenating two fields in an Import Format to get the Item Number and Description to be used as the Alias.

Item Number:  12345

Description:  Cheescake 12pc 24OZ

Desired Outuput:  12345 - Cheescake 12pc 24OZ

Here's the Import Format.  We are trying to put all kinds of Expressions where the green box is:


However when we run the Imoport in the Workbench the best we can get is the '-' without the leading and trailing space.  So we have tried so many different combinations of things not sure this is possible or if there is a workaround.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as we are kind of new to the tool and realize this is not the full FDMEE version.



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