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RMAN backup to disk performance on X5/X6

Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez Member Posts: 331 Blue Ribbon


Making a backup in an EXADATA environment that is composed of three db nodes (2 * X5 + 1 * X6), the RMAN backup is using 8 channels on each of the three nodes, this is 24 channels.

The backup type is incremental level 0, and the FILESPERSET parameter is 12, since the database has almost 400 files.

Checking the view v$backup_async_io after the backup, I can see that the throughput  of each channel is approximately 80MB / s.

This makes a total performance of 1920MB /s by combining the three nodes.

The backup is stored on ZFS appliance, with a write rate of 240MB/s .

This is almost double that in the reading phase.

Is there any idea to improve the throughput   in the reading phase?

The increase in channels from 21 to 24 did not give a substantial improvement.

Many Thanks


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