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Help wanted: GG Downstream + Data Guard (externaldestination1)

P.Huang Member Posts: 51 Blue Ribbon

Hi, I encounter a strange error while trying to leverage dgmgrl exteranaldest1 to setup the downstream server. The error is as follows:

select error from V$archive_dest where error is not null;


  ORA-00270: error creating archive log


dgmgrl /> edit configuration set property ExternalDestination1='service=dbfs db_unique_name=ogg01';

Property "externaldestination1" updated

System setup:

Data guard on the source database

- Source database is in dataguard configuration, SRC01 and SRC02 running Oracle 19.3 (base), CDB. CDB name is cdb19.

- The table to be replicated is under a pluggable database named PLAY19 on schema named pojen and table name pojen.

- there is a service named db19 that pointed to the primary database. (CDB level)

GoldenGate configuration:

- GoldenGate is installed on 2 different hosts, ogg01 and ogg02

- ogg01 and ogg02 have database ogg01 and ogg02 (19c CDB)

- ogg01 and ogg02 has data guard configured between them

- DBFS is configured on ogg01/ogg02 (basically, implementing DR for goldengate)

- all ./dir* are placed within DBFS. (except ./dirchk where I ran into a strange file permission error what currently open a SR with Oracle)

- there is a service named dbfs that is pointed to the primary instance. (cdb level)

Downstream configuration:

- In the past, I hard-coded dest_n to ship the archive/redo to the downstream server. (12.1 DB and 12.3 GG, works fine)

- Checked with DataGuard product manager and found the parameter, externaldest1/2 within dgmgrl to help me managed the dest_n <- not working

Has anyone successfully configured downstream server using DGMGRL => externaldestination1/2?

Any reference is greatly appreciated.