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Report Script on BSO (ASO transparent partition)

4037209 Member Posts: 1
edited Dec 7, 2019 9:57PM in Essbase On-Premise

Hello guys,

I am writing report script to export Level 0 data from BSO cube (Target cube with ASO cube as Source cube). it keeps on running. but when i run the same report script on ASO cube, it gives me result in 1 min.

Has anyone tried running report script on BSO with ASO as the source cube? do we need to handle this scenario differently?

I am not extracting any calculated members from BSO cube, but the number of members are huge.




  • Hyperion_Harry
    Hyperion_Harry Member Posts: 11 Red Ribbon
    edited Dec 7, 2019 9:57PM

    Anyone has experience on this ? Whats the best way to export data from BSO as target cube with transparent partition on ASO cube, Source cube?

    also now the requirement is to extract on a dynamic calc member.