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[Smart View] Switching between sheets of workbook takes too long

imran.anwar-Oracle Member Posts: 5 Employee
edited May 13, 2020 10:48AM in Planning and Budgeting

Hello Everyone,

We have a client who use Smart View for reporting heavily. They have recently moved from on-premise to PBCS. They were using essbase connection in their on-premise sheets.

On the cloud when they connect their sheets to Smart View and then navigate between multiple sheets, Smart View refreshes the whole sheet again which takes a few seconds and breaks the flow of user experience.

The sheets also have a large number of Excel formulas, which are not the issue because I have tested this behavior with calculation mode of Excel set to manual as well.

Is there a way to prevent Smart View from refreshing the contents of the sheet while switching between tabs? This lag does not occur when the sheet is not connected to PBCS.

Thanks in advance !