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Oracle SOA - Running instance with callback not getting aborted

Aayush_AgrawalAayush_Agrawal Posts: 2
edited April 4 in SOA Integration

We have a SOA Composite where correlation set is used.

Each instance have several actions and calls then it wait for a call back using one correlation Set value.
In case of failure at target system, no response received hence corresponding instance were in running state since several months.

Aborting from EM Console:

When we abort those instances from EM console, for several minutes it shows as its working on that request and later states instance is been aborted.

But when we search that instance again on em console, we can still see it in running state there.

On cross-checking corresponding state in CUBE_INSTANCE and COMPOSITE_INSTANCE, we can see state are still same as running.

in composite instance:




Aborting from tables:

When we changed state in composite_instance to 17 and Cube_instance to 8, we can see corresponding instance start showing as terminated in em console.

But when we re-trigger same request, then we receive below mentioned error:

Conflicting receive.

A similar receive activity is being declared in the same process.

Another receive activity or equivalent (currently, onMessage branch in a pick activity) has already been enabled with the partnerLink "CompositeName", operation name "Consume_Message" and correlation set "{{}property_1={}property_1=correlationSetValue}" (or conversation ID).  Appendix A - Standard Faults in the BPEL 1.1 specification specifies a fault should be thrown under these conditions.

Redeploy the process after removing the conflicting receive activities.

This implies on DB abort, corresponding correlation wait is still working in background.

Hence problems are:

a) Instance Abort from EM console is not working.

b) DB abort actions taken were not sufficient as callback wait was still active.

Please help on both points.



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