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Oracle BI reporting - how can I change column name translations?

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We work in a multilingual environment which means that we have to publish the reports in 3 different languages - Estonian, English and Russian. The column names in the reports need to be translated based on the language preference the user selects. I have tried the approach of setting a different language preference and then renaming the column names in that language environment, however, the approach hasn't worked since the new heading sticks irregardless of which language I use.

Could anyone help me solve the problem, how to translate column names in reports based on the language preference user has selected? Any help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Mikk Sampka

Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle


  • Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle
    Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle Member Posts: 41 Employee
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    The first step is to have the document in word ALREADY translated in desired 3 languages

    In order to have the three XLIFF files(Estonian, English and Russian) you need to follow the steps from the following document.

    Open your template in Microsoft Word with the Template Builder for Word installed.

    From the Template Builder menu, select Tools, then Translations, and then Extract Text.

    BI Publisher extracts the translatable strings from the template and exports them to an XLIFF (.xlf) file.

    When prompted, save the file as: TemplateName_<language code>.xlf or .rtf where:

    TemplateName is the original template name.

    language code is the two-letter ISO language code (use lower case characters).

    For example, if your original template is named EmployeeTemplate and you are uploading a translation for Japanese-Japan, name the file: EmployeeTemplate_ja.xlf.

    Also please check the following YouTube  video that will show you step by step the process

    Hope this help

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    Hi Gabriel,

    First, thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I guess I need to specify that I was referring to a report/analysis created in Oracle BI (OTBI) with subject areas, not using a report template.

    For example, I have created a report/analysis document with column names:
    Employee name
    Performance rating

    I would need to translate the column names to additionally to Russian and show the column names in Russian if the user has set his/her language preference to Russian.
    Any thoughts, how to solve this?


    Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle
  • Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle
    Gabriel Grigorie-Oracle Member Posts: 41 Employee
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    Hello Mikk,

    Thank you for clarifications.

    You can find a workaround for customizing an OTBI report for different languages in the following Oracle document.

    Fusion Applications OTBI : HowTo Translate Custom Folder/Report Names In Fusion Applications Business Intelligence Catalog (Doc ID 1474964.1)

    It is possible to localize the caption (Folder/Report name) of the objects in the Business Intelligence (BI) catalog, This involves the below translation process methods and it is detailed in the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) System Administration Guide.

    Hope this helps

    Thank you
    Best Regards