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Personal data protection

FC60 Member Posts: 416 Bronze Badge
edited Jan 27, 2020 11:21AM in General Questions


I read about the Oracle Cloud Free Database and I would like to know how data are protected.

I would like to start to develop an application, but I have to store some sensitive data and I don't know if I can write these data in a free database.

How are the Oracle rules about sensitive data stored in its cloud? Are my data subjected to Cloud Act also if I don't live in USA?

Many thanks.


  • PhilWilkins
    PhilWilkins Member Posts: 362
    edited Jan 27, 2020 11:21AM

    The key to this is to understand data legislation that you maybe subject to. For example in Europe we have GDPR, California has recently introduced its own legislation which has similarities to GDPR. Likewise for Australia.  India has rules about personal data being resident in India.

    Then credit cards etc are all subject to PCI rules.

    Once you've decided what data  then it becomes a question of which availability zone etc