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Restore database fail with ORA-19501

ElMasry Member Posts: 70 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 12, 2020 8:49AM in Recovery Manager (RMAN)


I'm trying to restore my DB from full cold backup, but it fails with this error.

ORA-19870: error while restoring backup piece /mnt/new/ORACLE_20191123_s3347_s27

ORA-19501: read error on file "/mnt/new/ORACLE_20191123_s3347_s27", block number 57088 (block size=8192)

ORA-27072: File I/O error

Additional information: 4

Additional information: 57088

Additional information: 802816

I googled a lot but all info for ORA-19502, not ORA-19501

any advice

Thanks in advance.


  • Dude!
    Dude! Member Posts: 22,829 Black Diamond
    edited Dec 28, 2019 2:19PM
    ORA-19870: error while restoring backup piece /mnt/new/ORACLE_20191123_s3347_s27ORA-19501: read error on file "/mnt/new/ORACLE_20191123_s3347_s27", block number 57088 (block size=8192)ORA-27072: File I/O error

    ORA errors can give you a clue, but will not necessarily tell you the solution.

    What is /mnt/new?

    How was the cold backup performed?

    It that a NFS share? There could be various problem related to networking or NFS.

    The file could also be corrupt.

    Is the problem occurring right when the restore starts, or in the middle?

    You need to provide info about your setup or installation for anyone to be able to help you.

  • Adityanath Dewoolkar
    Adityanath Dewoolkar Member Posts: 346 Bronze Badge
    edited Dec 31, 2019 2:47AM

    Can you please provide more details about your environment & "/mnt/new/"?

    Kindly check if your "/mnt" is mounted correctly as per Oracle recommendations given below;

    Mount Options for Oracle files for RAC databases and Clusterware when used with NFS on NAS devices (Doc ID 359515.1)