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PBCS Business Rule Speed Question

PvP Member Posts: 2
edited Jan 14, 2020 3:28AM in Planning and Budgeting

Hi Everyone,

I'm a new Oracle PBCS user, our company has been using for the last few years.

We have a number of business rules in place, as at the start of November these were all working fine, taking about 4-5 minutes to run in each instance.

Since doing a database refresh, the rules are now taking about 25 minutes to run. This began to happen the first time since refreshing the database, and no changes have been made to the actual business rules in the last few months.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered similar issues to this? Is there anything else that needs to be run after a database refresh that will speed the business rules up, back to our 4-5 minute run time?

The highlighted rules in the screenshot below were all run within a minute of the previous rule being completed.

Business Rule Refresh Database.jpg





  • David Ambler
    David Ambler Member Posts: 16
    edited Jan 10, 2020 2:42AM

    Hi Paul

    You might want to have a look at the Audit screen and select "Dimension Administration" - provided you have it switched on, at a guess something must have changed in there which will cause the rule to run slower.

    Also I assume the rules are run in a batch one after the other which is where you are getting the time from - to check the actual time the rule takes click on the rule itself to view the start and end times of the rule rather than looking at the differences between end times just in the event a sleep has been put in the batch job..



  • PvP
    PvP Member Posts: 2
    edited Jan 12, 2020 11:22PM

    Hi David,

    Thanks, unfortunately we didn't have any options ticked under the audit screen - have only just enabled auditing now.

    Have isolated it down to the one rule taking about 20 minutes which is a start.

    Main Rule Time Screenshot.PNG

    I haven't managed to work out exactly what's taking it so long yet, but this does help narrow it down, and will have the audit as an option in the future too.



  • AL.
    AL. Member Posts: 265 Blue Ribbon
    edited Jan 14, 2020 3:28AM

    Check your cube statistics, block size, etc...