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Separating the NIC's of an active-passive bond to enable iSCSI with Multipath I/O (iSCSI-MPIO)

epretorious-work Member Posts: 37
edited Jan 14, 2020 3:26PM in Oracle VM Server for x86

Hello, All:

I've inherited an Oracle VM Server cluster made up of three hosts - each with six interfaces. Those six interfaces are combined into three bonded interfaces:

Managementeth0 & eth3MODE=1 (active-passive)
Storageeth1 & eth4MODE=1, MTU=9000 (active-passive)
Guesteth2 & eth5MODE=4 (LACP [VLAN's 100, 200, & 300])

Clearly: The Storage Interface is not ideal. (Ideally the two interfaces should be independent of one another so that iSCSI-MPIO can be employed.)

Managementeth0 & eth3MODE=1 (active-passive)
Storage #1eth1Independent, MTU=9000 (Storage Path #1)
Storage #2eth4Independent, MTU=9000 (Storage Path #2)
Guesteth2 & eth5MODE=4 (LACP [VLAN's 100, 200, & 300])

But how do I get from Here to There? i.e., It seems to me that I'd need to essentially deconfigure the entire cluster just to reconfigure PIF's eth1 & eth4. And then after reconfiguring the networking I'd need to...

  1. rediscover the Storage Repositories;
  2. reassemble the cluster, and;
  3. reintroduce the guests.

Does that seem about right?


Eric Pretorious

Portland, Oregon