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Weblogic 12c WTC to Tuxedo unidirectional communication pattern

-Robert- Member Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in Tuxedo

As per Oracle online documentation, WTC-Tuxedo interoperability provides bidirectional communication between the two. However, in some use cases, we only need WTC to talk to Tuxedo domain and we can have WebLogic domain deployed behind a firewall or in a Docker container where exposing individual WL IPs and ports might be a challenge. I know such unidirectional communication is physically possible as I have tested it myself. However, I'm unaware of potential implications of implementing this pattern as I have only tested a happy path scenario.

My questions:

- Is it this deployment model supported by Oracle?

- Are there any implications/side-effects of using this pattern, e.g. affecting fail-over, keeping WTC->Tuxedo connection alive etc.?

- Will Tuxedo domain become affected/degraded? Will we see any recurring errors being raised?


  • Per Lindström
    Per Lindström Member Posts: 107
    edited January 2020


    while I don't know too much about Docker I would in a case as this suggest that you configure your WLS as a "client" application to the Tuxedo domain.

    In the Tuxedo DMCONFIG you would configure the WLS accesspoint in *DM_TDOMAIN with CONNECTION_POLICY=INCOMING_ONLY. This means that Tuxedo will never actively connect to the WLS accesspoint but still allow it to connect to the Tuxedo accesspoint. As Tuxedo will never try to connect to the WLS accesspoint you might assigne the WLS accesspoint a "dummy" network address in the *DM_TDOMAIN section, i e "//localhost:54321" (it needs to be unique within the *DM_TDOMAIN section).

    The WLS configuration must of course have both a correct network address and network connectivity to the Tuxedo accesspoint, but as I understood the situation Tuxedo had a "stable" network address so that would be reasonable to achieve.

    Hope this helps


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