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Search does not always return results when it should


In my workspace on beehive online, one of my customes noted that searching for recently added files does not result in any hits. The search results are empty. My first thought was that maybe the indexing was lagging, but some tests show that even files added a week ago give no results.

We search using '*' like VBR00* (which is a file that is updated daily and has been in the workspace for years) the search finds this file ( Searching for M568* did not turn up anything (should have found M5682_DM_DM_fsp03057_Wanbetalers data mart.docx, this file was added yesterday). Also, searching for M5948* does not give any results (should have found M5948_BO_ZRG_fsp03262_In bulk kunnen afwijzen van declaratieregels.docx) while this file was added januari 14th.

Is there any explanation ?

Kind regards,

Daniel Lintjens