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Difference between absence entries tables ANC_PER_ABS_ENTRY_DTLS and ANC_PER_ABS_PLAN_ENTRIES

Sadanandam Karkuri
Sadanandam Karkuri Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon

We are trying to build a report that pulls the day wise absence entry details(not the request level).We are exploring two tables ANC_PER_ABS_ENTRY_DTLS and ANC_PER_ABS_PLAN_ENTRIES.The data in these two tables is not in sync. ANC_PER_ABS_ENTRY_DTLS is missing data (may be for Withdrawn,Saved or Denied cases).ANC_PER_ABS_PLAN_ENTRIES has data for only those absence entries associated with an absence plan.ABS_UNITS column in ANC_PER_ABS_PLAN_ENTRIES shows 0 for some entries where as the DUARTION column in ANC_PER_ABS_PLAN_ENTRIES for the same PER_ABSENCE_ENTRY_ID has a non zero value.Looking for suggestions on how best we can use these two tables together if any one has more insight into these tables.