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How to view portal documents for public users (not authenticated)

MAhmed user9314172
MAhmed user9314172 Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon
edited Jan 29, 2020 4:25AM in WebCenter Portal

I have created public portal using webceter portal version and configured it with Elastic search.

I have uploaded some documents inside ucm in portal folder using portal account "portal profile number" and security group "webcentersapces".

when i search for these documents and i'm not authenticated these documents doesn't return, and i need these documents to be public and can be displayed in search for public user.

Also when i tried to change the security group to public, not documents returned for non authenticated user.

Daniele Bocciolini


  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Jan 29, 2020 4:05AM


    First of all let's put some basic concepts on WebCenter Portal Elastic Search - WebCenter Content Integration.

    Oracle WebCenter Content has its own indexing mechanism based on Oracle Text Search that updates the indexes when a Content is updated or modified.

    Oracle WebCenter Portal Documents Task Flow makes use of RIDC API and relies on the Oracle WebCenter Content indexed information.

    Oracle WebCenter Portal Search relies on Elastic Search which creates its own index of Documents stored in Oracle WebCenter Content (totally apart of the WCC - Oracle Text Search)

    As you may know already, Elastic Search indexing happens from the configuration you established from Oracle WebCenter Portal Admin Console (it can happen periodically or you can trigger manually the indexation).

    What does it mean? The changes you are making into your Documents Security Metadata is not reflected directly in Elastic Search results as the indexer must run to refresh the indexed content.

    Taking the assumption you are re-indexing when changing the security of the document, let's focus on your issue.

    I made a test:

    1. Created a Public Portal with a Page with access for Public
    2. Created a Enterprise Library in WebCenter Content (out of the Portal Enteprirse Library folder) for Public Documents setting up Public Security Group and empty Account
    3. Added a File into the Public Documents Enterprise Library / Folder.
    4. Re-indexed Elastic Search
    5. Made a Search and the document is available for public users.

    Kind regards.

    Daniele Bocciolini
  • Daniel Merchán
    Daniel Merchán Enterprise Achitect Member Posts: 2,192 Gold Trophy
    edited Jan 29, 2020 4:25AM

    To summary my above comments. Put your documents within a Enteprise Library or Folder with Public Security Group with no account involved.

    In addition, what we did for this use case in a previous client is to build an hybrid solution WCC - Oracle Document Cloud.
    You can create in Document Manager folders and share documents with the Cloud variant for Public access.

    Kind regards.