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Schedule job in physical standby database

marceloT Member Posts: 49 Blue Ribbon

Hi, i'm running oracle database 11gr2 on linux x86-64

I have configured a one rac primary database with 2 nodes, and one physical standby database in rac with 2 nodes.

Physical standby is opened read only.

I have created a schedule and a job on primary, when i check dba_scheduler_schedules, i see the schedule in both primary and standby, however when i check dba_scheduler_jobs i see the scheduled jobs in primary, and in standby view is empty.

Documentation is not very clear as it states "For a physical standby database, any changes made to Scheduler objects or any database changes made by Scheduler jobs on the primary database are applied to the physical standby like any other database changes." and then it states to set attribute but for logical standby.

What am I missing? Is it possible to have a job scheduled on primary and in physical standby?