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Oracle VM Server vs Oracle Linux KVM

Alexander Zotov
Alexander Zotov Member Posts: 6 Blue Ribbon
edited February 2020 in Oracle VM

Hello everyone!

Is there any significant difference between Oracle VM Server for x86_64 and Oracle Linux KVM? Which one you prefer and why?

Thank you and best regards!



  • user9965623
    user9965623 Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
    edited February 2020

    I have used both in my lab and currently have Oracle Linux KVM nested in ESXi.

    Of the two, I prefer Oracle Linux KVM.  As it does not require a separate VM to run the management console.  Oracle Linux KVM is based on the oVirt project and it is a few version behind the upstream release.  (4.2.8 vs 4.3.8)

    The upcoming oVirt releases are 4.3.9 & 4.4.0.

    I recommend checking out for more on that project.

    If there is anything I can try to answer specifically, let me know.

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