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Migrating Oracle EBS Linux VM Servers

IO-Sam Member Posts: 2 Blue Ribbon

I am looking for diraction on the best way to migrate Oracle Linux VM Servers, that have Oracle E-Business Applications and Oracle OBIEE installed on them, from one infrastructure to another.

I am also looking to migrate couple of Windows server hosting OBIEE, database and WebLogic client installations.

What should I be concerns with and steps to migrate these servers? Can I just copy the machine and migrate it? Do I have to be concerned with the new infrastructure machine level capabilities, impact on licensing, etc.?


  • Simon Coter-Oracle
    Simon Coter-Oracle Member Posts: 67 Employee
    edited Feb 27, 2020 4:30PM


    from your message above it's not clear what is the "source" and what it's the "target" of your migration; seems clear that you're running Oracle Linux (and Oracle products like EBS and OBIEE on top) but it's not clear which hypervisor you're running now and which one is the target.

    Based on the answer we can then understand which options you could have.

    In the meantime let me also suggest you to reach out Oracle Support for this kind of requests; Oracle Support will be able to guide you on this kind of requests.


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