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Memory allocation issues on vagrant box


I thought it was smart to create my own vagrant box based on the latest Oracle Linux 7 vagrant box. Then I don't have to do my own installs, download the ISO etc. I added the Server with GUI package and packaged that as a new vagrant box, to be used in my other projects.

I had some issues but solved most of them as blogged in:

But I now got stuck on memory allocation errors when Vagrant is doing for instance the shared folder mounts, so I get a memory allocation error on a mkdir command.

But also when configuring the kernel settings, trying to add/partition/format a new disk etc.

When the VM is started and I connect to it, it turns out that some of those things I then can do.

Could this for instance be because of a lack of swap space of something? I found this weird, because it is during the starting and provisioning phase of Vagrant. No software is running yet.

I use the latest VirtualBox 6.1.5 en Vagrant 2.2.7. I'd appreciate any hints.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,