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Can we have redundancy on local disks on OVM server?

User_Y2Y3I Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon
edited March 2020 in Oracle VM


I am setting up a new infra with one OVM Manager (RHEL) and 2 VM Server (Sparc S7). I am able to able to install the required software, discover and add VM server in a new pool, I created.

For now, we are not connecting to Storage. There is 6 local disk 1 TB disks in each VM server. 2 disks used to create a mirror for rpool. That leaves me with 4 disks of 1 TB each, on each VM server.

When I create a repository, it gives me the option to select the disk and can't see any option to pick pools.

What if one of the disks is failed, then all VMs residing on that repository will die.

Is there any way to do it or I am missing something?

Please suggest.



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