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Obiee 11g report issue with load balancing

Hi folks,

    We are using Radware to balancing 2 obiee cluster application servers .

    Let's suppose balance ip address is A

    two application ip address are B and C.

    We have a customized new font added to all obiee reports.  Customization has been made on both two obiee servers.

    When we deploy reports to http//:A:9704/analytics by catalog manager. It is working fine on  http//:A:9704/analytics. But report is not working on both http//:B:9704/analytics and http//:C:9704/analytics. Why?

   PS: The same font customization has been made in our test environment which is an individual machine,  everything goes fine.

  Any ideas?

Thank you!



  • Joel AchaJoel Acha Posts: 1,358 Gold Trophy
    edited March 5

    I’m a bit confused. Where is OBIEE actually installed? On B & C? Any reason why the load balancing wasn’t configured in OBIEE itself?

  • user12104316user12104316 Posts: 9
    edited March 5


       OBIEE are actually installed on both B and C physically.  A is a virtual IP which is to balance between B and C.

  • SonPat99SonPat99 Posts: 238 Red Ribbon
    edited March 5

    The catalog manager using A accesses the shared location's catalog and deployed there.

    Whereas when you access catalog manager using any one of the B or C's address, it tries to access the local server's catalog and hence you might not see your changes.

    When you use A url, which server is it hitting in the background - B or C? You should start your investigation from there.

    Also, you have deployed the custom Font. You should check the tmp folder to see if the font deployed is deployed correctly on the servers.

  • user12104316user12104316 Posts: 9
    edited March 6

    Thank you all for your reply. I m going to check with the information you shared.

    Any other ideas will be appreciated before the discussion close.

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