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Tuxedo Error

Moorthy T
Moorthy T Member Posts: 1
edited March 2020 in Tuxedo

Hi ,

Can you please help me to sort out this problem below error.

LIBWSC_CAT:1055: ERROR: Unable to establish WSL connection

LIBWSC_CAT:1027: ERROR: Unable to connect to WSH

LIBWSC_CAT:1020: ERROR: Unable to obtain authentication level

LIBWSC_CAT:1428: ERROR: Cannot join application - accesser limit exceeded

LIBWSC_CAT:1064: ERROR: Unable to establish WSH connection //XXXXXX

Actually one of our application package we used Tuxedo. In the client side we used for 6.4 and server side used for 8.1 Tuxedo version. The application package we moved to software center and users can able to install the application from their machine. Application package it is working for Win-7,Win-10, Citrix system also.  But now the problem was same package does not work for Win10-VDI(Remote) system. Same package works for Local win-10 system which has the same setup. We tried to sort out the problem but it won't help.

Why it was not working in VDI-win 10 system. We contacted IS admin team also and they are also said there is no change/difference between the local win10 and VDI win 10.

So it would be great pleasure for us to give me some solution.

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