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Not able to create One vSwitch for multiple VLANs

User_Y2Y3I Member Posts: 30 Red Ribbon


I need to setup network on my OVM setup. On OVM Server I have created aggr2, which comprises of net0 and net7

[email protected]:~# dladm show-aggr aggr2 -LLINK PORT AGGREGATABLE SYNC COLL DIST DEFAULTED EXPIREDaggr2 net0 yes yes yes yes no no-- net7 yes yes yes yes no [email protected]:~#

There are multiple VLANs tagged on this network (for example, VLAN#2161, VLAN#2170). While setting it up, I am seeing strange behavior. It looks like I will need to create one vSwitch per VLAN. It uses its PVID to assign it to vNIC of the guest ldom.

When I create "VLAN Interface" on a given port (aggr2 in our case), it creates a VLAN on the server. Then, when I create a network and attach it to this VLAN (not the port, just the VLAN), it creates virtual switch with PVID of that VLAN. Then, when I create a ldom and create a vNIC on this network, it creates this vNIC with PVID of this VLAN.

In this configuration, you can only have one VLAN per virtual switch. Because it assigns this VLAN ID as PVID of the switch. That means, in future if I have 16 VLAN in one aggr and will have another 16 in another aggr. Will I need to have 32 vSwitch?

Please note that I am using OVM Oracle VM Manager 3.4.6. If it was LDOM, I would have done that. Not sure if this is the default behavior of OVM.

I ran explorer from VM server if this gives you an idea of my current setup.

Please suggest


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