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Session graphs not working in EM13.3

r_reynoldson Member Posts: 29
edited Mar 24, 2020 1:13AM in Enterprise Manager

We did a clean install of 13.3, and most things are working fine - except the sessions graphs. For example, Performance -> Blocking Sessions -> <click on Session ID> -> Activity tab

Get a header of "Average Active Sessions by Wait Class, and it refreshes.. but never displays the graph.

Top Activity works. Performance Hub works. Ash Analytics works. There just a couple things like the Session Activity that don't. And we use that a lot.

Anybody got any ideas? I hate to just trash it and restart from scratch hoping we don't hit the same thing.

Thanks in advance.


  • Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle
    Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle Posts: 590 Employee
    edited Mar 23, 2020 11:05AM


    Try the following grants and check if you are able to get the graphs.

    grant inherit privileges on user SYS to DBSNMP;
    grant inherit any privileges to DBSNMP;

    Also make sure the database monitoring user is DBSMP.

    Best Regards,


  • r_reynoldson
    r_reynoldson Member Posts: 29
    edited Mar 23, 2020 3:00PM

    Thanks for the reply. The monitoring credentials are DBSNMP, and I am logging in as SYSTEM just to be sure I have privileges. And even after doing the grants you suggested, the session graphs are still blank.

    Our databases are 12.2, some patched to the Oct. 2019 PSU and others patched to Jan. 2020 PSU. Our EM 13.3 is patched to Jan 2020, but it was exhibiting this behavior before applying any PSU's.

    With the stuff they're doing to remove flash, I wasn't sure if this was broke for everybody or just us. But I don't see any other comments out there so maybe just us.

  • Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle
    Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle Posts: 590 Employee
    edited Mar 24, 2020 1:13AM


    So this issue exists for all the databases monitored in your environment?

    In general when you are navigating to the DB Performance Hub pages it asks you to install the ASH analytics package before navigating to this page.

    I assume you might have already installed that and if you are still having the issue,

    Connect to problematic target server and run the following query:

    SELECT owner,object_name , object_type FROM dba_objects WHERE
    2* AND object_type IN ('SYNONYM','PACKAGE BODY','PACKAGE') AND owner IN 

    Best Regards,