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Sample Reports: Oracle HCM Cloud Absence Management Setup Configuration Report

AshishHCM Oracle HCM Cloud Solution ArchitectMember Posts: 334 Bronze Crown

This Report provides details of the Absence Setups in a Oracle HCM Cloud Environment

There is a genuine ask to get insights into the Absence Setup details like Absence Type, Absence Plans, Eligibility Profiles, Associated Fast Formulas, Derived Factors , Absence Type Display Features, Absence Plan Details , Rate Definitions, Repeating Time Periods etc.

It might become little cumbersome to go into each and every setup and add to a document manually. Also once any config changes the entire documentation might have to be prepared again.

So in those scenarios one can run the report and get the current config snapshot in an Excel Spreadhseet. (Image below).

To add this content to your environment, please follow below steps:

  1. Download the catalog file attached to this post
  2. Within the BI Catalog, locate the folder where you want to locate the content, e.g. Shared Folders>Custom
  3. Unarchive the catalog file and you will see the new content
  4. Edit the data model and click the View Data button, enter any required parameters, click the View button and then Save as Sample Data and save the data model
  5. Edit the report and select the correct data model for the report and click View Report and save the report
Shivam yadav