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Point in Time recovery with timestamp

mr_robot Member Posts: 1 Green Ribbon
edited Apr 14, 2020 1:14PM in Recovery Manager (RMAN)


I'm attempting a Point in time recovery for a database backup done about a month ago.

Restore of the datafiles completes successfully. However recovery fails as it looks for an archive log of a future backup, which no longer exists.

RMAN-20506: no backup of archived log found

RMAN-06053: unable to perform media recovery because of missing log

RMAN-06025: no backup of archived log for thread 1 with sequence 1538 and starting SCN of 1365326 found to restore

How do I select a timestamp for which the recovery will not require archive logs of future backups.



  • Dude!
    Dude! Member Posts: 22,829 Black Diamond
    edited Apr 14, 2020 1:14PM

    You can do a RMAN "list backup" to find the low SCN of the next archived log sequence contained in a backupset. Your options to recover the database, however, depend on the type of backup you performed, and what data is available. Keep in mind that a recovery cannot run backwards with the exception of undo for uncommitted transactions. To perform a recovery of an inconsistent or open database using a backup you need to have archielogs or backup of archivelogs available, including archived redo logs, that were used during the RMAN backup.

    If you used "backup database plus archivelog" to backup the database, then RMAN automatically includes archive logs including the current redo log prior and after the backup of the datafiles. However, if all you have is a single backup of an open database that included no archivelogs, have no backup of archivlogs and no online archivlogs, and no appropriate redo logs, then your database cannot be recovered and is essentially lost. Specifying a timestamp in such case won't help you.