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Absence Plan Enrollment start and end date base on the assignment effective start and end date

Cecilia-Oracle Member Posts: 24 Employee
edited Aug 7, 2020 10:14PM in HCM Cloud Service

The question is about the change of absence plan (from Plan A to Plan B) due to change of grade/ position (e.g. promotion)

When there is a say promotion for an employee. A new assignment record will be created for the employee with the updated employee information (e.g. From grade 01 to Grade 02). The change of grade will lead to the change of annual leave entitlement. In this case, is it possible to update the absence plan enrollment dates respective to the assignment effective dates.

e.g. Staff A has a grade change on 15 April 2020 from Grade 01 to Grade 02 and the AL absence plan will be change from Plan 01 to Plan 02.

The Plan 01 enrollment end date should be the effective end date of the previous assignment (i.e. 14 April 2020) and the Plan 02 enrollment date should be the effective date of the new assignment (15 April 2020).

Moreover, the AL entitlement should be prorated according to the effective date as well,

e.g. Leave year 1 Jan to 31 Dec

1 Jan - 14 April AL should be based on the Plan 01 entitlement

15 April - 31 Dec AL entitlement should be based on the Plan 02 entitlement

If the above case are using front-loaded, would it be possible to cater the situation mentioned above? And how could it be configured in the system?

I have tried to configure the case above in the attached file, but it could not return what I expected, could anyone please advise?

Thank you very much!