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Oracle Fusion HCM: Audit on Compensation configuration

Hi All,

Need inputs from Below query.

Currently we are in the compensation cycle and are doing the configurations for the compensation plans. Business want to know the audit trail for these configuration changes .

Our observations: For instance , for worksheet display  columns ,

  1. When we make a column enabled and save, whole set of worksheet columns are updated with Last_updated_by , Last_updated _date and not getting the exact column changed. We verified the CMP_PLANS_ATTRIBUTES table,but it is not giving the exact results of column enabled .
  2. Though we do not make any changes to columns, if we click on next , the page is getting saved, in turn all columns are saved In backend, which would mislead.

Please note that , we have no audit enabled for the compensation module for our client.

Looking forward for any help here. Let me know if you need further details on this  .

Thanks in advance.