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UEK 6 (Update 0) BTRFS enospc issue

Just a heads up.  Kernel 5.4.17-2011.0.7.el7uek is suffering from a statfs space reporting bug for BTRFS which results in regular occurrence of ENOSPC independent of filesystem space used.  Workarounds (balance + metadata_ratio=1 mount option) so far have not helped.  We will probably have to revert to UEK5 as a result.

Patched already in 5.4.18 (for example).[email protected]/T/#u

related:[email protected]/T/#u

Can this be added to known issues?


  • User_UI5S3
    User_UI5S3 Member Posts: 2 Green Ribbon
    edited Nov 30, 2020 3:26PM

    I have a feeling this might be fixed in UEK6 Update 1 (5.4.17-2036.100.6.1), based on the source code of btrfs/super.c.

    The rpm changelog gives no clue of this though and not yet confirmed by any testing.