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Suspend Worker Assignment REST API - ERROR

We are trying to suspend a workers assignment and then reactive them in Oracle HCM using REST API:  /hcmRestApi/resources/{PersonId}/child/workRelationships/{PeriodOfServiceId}


  "ActionCode" : "SUSP_ASSIGN",

  "AssignmentStatusTypeCode" : "SUSPEND_NO_PROCESS",

  "AssignmentStatusType" : "SUSPENDED"


When we do this in the UI, the AssignmentStatusType is showing "SUSPENDED" when we do a GET on the employee.  However, when we do this using the API, the GET returns an "ACTIVE" for the AssignmentStatusType. 

We are seeing an error:  You must enter a valid value for the Assignment Status field (PER-1530231)

We are not sure what we may be doing wrong.