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OIC Adaptor for Sales Cloud returns "The action \"create\" is not enabled"

NirmaniNirmani Posts: 5 Green Ribbon
edited April 2020 in Integration - B2B


I'm trying to create assets in Sales cloud using OIC adaptor.

When I try via postman to create assets through https://ccXXXXXXm:443/crmRestApi/resources/  it creates the asset.

But when i try via OIC adptor it return below error,


  "type": "http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html#sec10.5.1",

  "title": "Internal Server Error",

  "detail": "Internal server error. Please contact oracle support for details.",

  "o:errorCode": "500",

  "o:errorDetails": [


      "type": "UnMappedFault:create",

      "instance": "NA",

      "title": "Fault Details : \n<nstrgmpr:APIInvocationError xmlns:nstrgmpr=\"http://xmlns.oracle.com/cloud/adapter/osc/UpdateAssets_REQUEST/types\"><nstrgmpr:type/><nstrgmpr:title/><nstrgmpr:detail/><nstrgmpr:errorCode/><nstrgmpr:errorDetails><nstrgmpr:type>http://www.w3.org/Protocols/rfc2616/rfc2616-sec10.html#sec10.4.1</nstrgmpr:type><nstrgmpr:title>Bad Request</nstrgmpr:title><nstrgmpr:errorCode>400</nstrgmpr:errorCode><nstrgmpr:errorPath>&lt;![CDATA[POST https://ccjs-dxxxxxxxd.com:443/crmRestApi/resources/ returned a response status of 400 Bad Request]]&gt;</nstrgmpr:errorPath><nstrgmpr:instance>&lt;![CDATA[The action \"create\" is not enabled..A 400 Bad Request Error indicates that the target service is unable (or refuses) to process the request sent by the client (Oracle Integration Cloud), due to an issue that is perceived by the server to be a client problem. You can trace the cURL representation of the request sent to the target service from the Oracle Integration Cloud server logs. Try invoking the target service using cURL. It may also be that one of the intermediaries (proxy, LBR) could be returning this code.  ]]&gt;</nstrgmpr:instance></nstrgmpr:errorDetails></nstrgmpr:APIInvocationError>\n:Application Error",

      "o:errorPath": "NA",

      "o:errorCode": "NA"




How can I fix this?

Thank you,


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