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Custom header does not work well with mediator


I have created a composite which works as REST service with two operations, each operation is having its own BPEL and hence I have used mediator to delegate the request to corresponding BPEL. I have to pass custom header (XX_custom_header ) to each BPEL.

If I call the REST service by sending custom header in the request then the composite works fine however if this custom header is not sent through request, the composite throws mediator exception.

oracle.tip.mediator.infra.exception.MediatorException: ORAMED-01001:[Error in assign operation]Error occurred while assigning to target "$" using expression "$".Possible Fix:Check if source message has right values or source expression is valid.

Please note that I am using SOA verion

If any of you have faced similar problem in SOA 12c then let me know your experience and solution for this.

Many thanks,