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Is satellite-webapp.war essential for Webcontent sites to work properly?

User_CO104 Member Posts: 2 Employee
edited Jul 16, 2020 8:34PM in WebCenter Sites

We have a Webcontent sites implementation, the satelliteserver (satellite-webapp.war) and ROOT applications are in failed status:


We have seen that managed servers satellite_server1 and satellite_server1 are getting some stuck threads, and it might be because of its deployment in failed status.

Is this Satellite app essential for Webcontent sites to work  properly?

Our users are getting random issues, which sound like cache issues: i.e.  some of them are able to download some documents but some of them are not.

Sometimes they can not load all css stylesheets and if they refresh the web browser and clean  cache they can see it without problems.



  • LiisaU-Oracle
    LiisaU-Oracle Member Posts: 2
    edited May 1, 2020 2:49PM

    A couple of things to note:

    • ROOT deployment is for Sites Capture.  Failure of this application war to deploy is independent of Satellite Server (SS)
    • WCS is no longer eligible for error corrections and is in limited support.  WebCenter Sites - Terminal Patch Set Release (Doc ID 2550602.1).  Further information on Error Correction Support Dates and Policy,  please see the KM Document "Error Correction Support Dates for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c - FMW/WLS" (Doc ID 1933372.1).

    I see you have a remote satellite server (RSS) setup and the deployment is failed, but are you seeing pages being rendered by the Satellite Server?

    • For example, when you preview a page through the contributor UI, is the page rendering? The URL would look like this for a one of the sample site pages in Avisports:  http://{hostname:port} /sites/Satellite?c=AVIArticle&childpagename=avisports%2FAVIArticle%2FArticleLayout&rendermode=preview&pagename=avisports%2FevaluateVisitorStatus&cid=1330880428005
    • I'm hoping to understand if your Sites instance is really using the Remote SS instances, which is hard to do with a failed RSS deployment. If SS is working at all and you have this failed RSS deployment, then your Sites application may be using the Co-Resident SS.

    Because there are a lot of sensitive information that Support uses to help troubleshoot issues like these, I highly recommend opening a Service Request.

  • User_CO104
    User_CO104 Member Posts: 2 Employee
    edited Jul 16, 2020 8:34PM

    Hi Liisa,

    Thank you so much for your help. It is not remote, it is co-resident I think.

    My team haven't installed it, so just guessing how was it configured.

    We had multiple issues, but the major of them is that when a user edit an Asset, some users can see the new file and some other can not.We need to take down the whole domain, delete managed servers cache and the cache generated in the configure path on cs-cache.xml, cas-cache.xml, linked-cache.xml and ss-cache.xml

    After cache cleaning it works for a while and the it starts with this bad behavior.