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FCCS Intercompany Report

Hussein Mahmoud
Hussein Mahmoud Member Posts: 26 Green Ribbon
edited May 2020 in Financial Consolidation

Hello FCCS Expertise,

Any ideas to build a custom report for intercompany because the pre-built report not acceptable from the user , Please check the below format and advise if we can build something like this in FCCS
Thank youCaptureaa.PNG


  • Anand Thota
    Anand Thota Member Posts: 28 Red Ribbon

    Hi Hussein,

    Please find the below oracle document.

    Creating Intercompany Matching Reports (


    Anand Thota

  • Hussein Mahmoud
    Hussein Mahmoud Member Posts: 26 Green Ribbon

    Thank you for your reply, but i'm not interested to the pre-bult ICP Report i'm looking for changing the format

  • Jeo123
    Jeo123 Member Posts: 508 Gold Badge

    The built in ICP Report is very fixed in it's layout. You can add/remove some of the columns and do a few other things to control the detail involved, but for the vast majority of changes, those aren't possible(speaking from years of experience with on prem at least and I haven't heard of anything in FCCS to indicate otherwise).

    The only suggestion I have is coming up with a way for user to take the reported data and reformat that post download. Personally I created a macro template the users past the report into and it reformats it.

    The main advantage that the built in functionality has that almost no other build in reporting feature has is the ability to recognize entity and ICP and pair them. In almost any other reporting tool, the dimensions are treated in isolation. You would effectively have to run every entity by every ICP, suppress the results, and find a way to sort based on pairing in either dimension. Reports can't do that naturally.

    Not to mention, the built in report is the only way users can by pass security in reports. Normally Entity A can't see information on Entity B unless they have access. No report you can build will be able to bypass that the way the built in report can.

    So yeah, in my opinion, your best be is try to reformat post download. Not a great answer I admit, but that's the only one I found.

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