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How to deploy Oracle e-Business User Management connector in OIM

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edited May 18, 2020 9:42PM in Identity Manager

Unable to deploy OOTB connector in OIM, Request you to please update the basic steps to deploy Oracle e-Business User Management connector in OIM



  • Sunil_Sharma
    Sunil_Sharma Member Posts: 190 Blue Ribbon
    edited May 18, 2020 5:08AM


    Which browser you are trying to install? Firefox is the best as per my experience.

    Any error in log?

    Sunil Sharma

  • Sandeep Kumar sk
    Sandeep Kumar sk Member Posts: 496 Silver Badge
    edited May 18, 2020 11:01AM

    Assuming you are in OIM and upward, and using the Application Onboarding capability via the Identity Self Service. Follow the steps given here.

    Which step are you getting error? It should be straight forward - download the connector installation package, unzip the package, create target system user account, from OIM Self Service update basic configuration parameters and advanced settings (if required), review default schema attribute mappings, customize schema attribute mappings (if required), review provisioning, recon, organization, catalog settings for your application and submit. Finally test and verify the recon and prov operations with this new onboarded application.

  • Srinath Menon-Oracle
    Srinath Menon-Oracle Posts: 6,291 Employee
    edited May 18, 2020 9:42PM

    Just to add couple of points :

    1. If using OIM with EBS UM (or HRMS) connector,ensure that you use FQDN to launch the OIM console and then add the applications. If not, you might see "Forbidden" error popping during Test Connection.

    2. Ensure the pre-requisites are completed on the target prior to setting up application on OIM.