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Unable to create LDOM

User_KS02L Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon
edited May 19, 2020 4:04AM in Enterprise Manager Ops Center

OC 12c R4 on solaris 11.4 sparc.

Wonder if anyone can help. All of a sudden we cannot create new LDOMs within the EC. Message reads as follows

"Storage Error: The nfs server nfs://<IP>/OC_MetaLibrary is not reachable for the controller. make sure the library state is "OK" (62210)"

The library does indeed show as degraded with the following stated as the reason but i cant for the life of me see why its degraded. Also, there are only around 7LDOMs showing the library where as there were around 70! All LDOMs themselves are working and if you look in the nfs share directory for the library itself there's around 70 dirs with a unique ref name (presumably for all the LDOMs that were in there).

The NFS share is still showing as shared and i can read/write to it also on the local machine where it resides (the EC manager).


Configuration issue. Reconfigure the following systems: <IP>. (63000)

Any help much appreciated as i cant seem to get anywhere. There have been no changes to the LDOM creation plan or the EC itself since the last time a successful creation was completed (about a month ago).

Thanks in adevance.


  • Tedw-Oracle
    Tedw-Oracle Member Posts: 142 Employee
    edited May 18, 2020 11:46AM


    After reading your question, I found that I had more questions than answers.  For example, what version of NFS are you using (NFSv4 is not supported)?  However, after taking a few minutes to think about this, it's better handled in a SR.  I suspect we will need to look at the NFS and figure out what's going wrong there.  It could be anything from firewalls to network saturation.  Then we will likely need to check the validity of your metadata, and potentially clean up issues.  It won't probably be simple or easy, and we don't want your data here.

    Thanks, Ted

  • User_KS02L
    User_KS02L Member Posts: 11 Green Ribbon
    edited May 19, 2020 4:04AM

    Hi there.

    Thanks for the reply. I have logged an SR so we'll see what happens.