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Negative Rates

Greg Owen
Greg Owen Member Posts: 2

I sat in on an industry call today where the analysts were discussing the need to ensure your systems can support negative rates given the current economic climate; particularly since Germany and Japan have already seen rates go negative.

Understanding that of course anything would need to be tested under our unique system configurations, does Oracle or anyone have concerns with negative rates / values with the OIPA system natively?  We're still a few months from our initial go live.


Gregory J. Owen


National Western Life Insurance Company


  • Prateek Lonarkar-Oracle
    Prateek Lonarkar-Oracle Member Posts: 3 Employee
    edited June 2020

    @Greg Owen RulesPalette currently allows a user to enter a negative rate value. However, the system validates the rate before it is used in the interest formula.
    In case of a negative interest rate, the system replaces the rate with 0 even when there is no guarantee or defined minimum rate.

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