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Case: 01225475 / Billing Incomplete

edited May 27, 2020 9:22AM in Dyn Community

This was paid already in PayPal and I am still waiting for a resolution. Instead I get a form email back on how to discover my IP Address -- Really?


  • Michael.R.Taylor-Oracle
    Michael.R.Taylor-Oracle Posts: 255 Employee
    edited May 27, 2020 9:22AM

    Hi @e49b9b75-578d-4fcc-abf3-674e96b4f78a,

    Apologies if the auto-response was not fitting to your concern. When tickets are submitted depending on the category you choose as well as key words an auto response may be sent. 95%+ of the time it is relevant to the issue at hand. Unfortunately it sounds like that wasn't the case here. I can follow up with our support teams in regards to your ticket, thank you for sharing it here. You should hear back from someone shortly.


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