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Recovery full DB

Rosario Vigilante
Rosario Vigilante Member Posts: 2,835 Gold Badge
edited Jun 5, 2020 7:04AM in Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Hello to all
This is my scenario

I had done the  migration  from 11g server A to 19c on another server B.

Everything went well I made backups in the source db and restore in the destination db at X date
Now several after some days since  date x, we have worked with the db 11g, with source db
Ihave to update the db19c to day x-n (where n are the working days when the backup was taken)

my question is:

Do I have to do it all again,

1) RMAN full backup from 11g

2) restore DB and upgrade to 19g

therefore overwriting everything I had done last days ago(a lot of configuration and updating work),

or some other solution

that only updates the data changed in these days?

Thanks in advance for time and help